Paracelsus Recovery and Paracelsus Longevity are recognised worldwide as the cutting-edge and boutique go-to clinic for UHNW families when they face complex health issues. Our work has been recognised in numerous publications – such as The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, and Yahoo! Finance – and we are committed to providing a personalised and private service that enables people to lead healthier, happier lives.

Our CEO, Jan Gerber, has also contributed to numerous articles on mental health-related topics. His publications include news outlets such as Vogue Arabia, Cosmopolitan Middle East, The Khaleej Times, Arab News, Global Family Office Community and The Evening Standard.

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We are fully family owned and operated clinic

At Paracelsus Recovery, we recently launched our new World Leading Check-Up Programme. Using state-of-the-art techniques and guided by our unrivalled expertise, we analyse every aspect of your health while you enjoy five-star hospitality in the comfort of our exclusive lakeside penthouse apartments. In doing so, we can identify risk factors and reduce your risk of developing issues such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory conditions, stroke and Alzheimer’s – the five most common causes of death in the Western World, according to the World Health Organisation. Curious to know what all of that actually entails? @Liz Jones and @DailyMailUK recently came to stay with us for just that reason. Read the full article here:

Findings while testing the Paracelsus Longevity Programme

On BBC Radio London

Liz Jones recently spoke about her experience with our World Leading Health Check-Up Programme on BBC Radio and how we helped her discover some home truths about her well-being. But more than that, Liz spoke of our ethos and practice. In her words, “the great thing about Paracelsus Recovery is it uses all its research and all of its experts to help the people at the bottom of society. For instance, in Zurich, they used to have an incredibly bad heroin and crime problem. So, the Psychiatrist who I met - he was amazing, he pioneered decriminalising heroin, and the addicts were given free heroin and a safe space to take it. So, don’t dismiss these people who are doing stuff for royalty, rockstars, and film-stars. They are actually putting their work back into society.”

Listen to the report here:

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Experiencing Paracelsus Longevity Programme

Our service is distinguished by our integrative approach to your physical and mental well-being. Acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between the corporeal and the cognitive, we assert that the confluence of these facets is critical to your holistic health.

Thus, we transcend conventional medical evaluations by incorporating an exhaustive appraisal of your psychological welfare, circadian rhythm fidelity, and stress quantification. Following our comprehensive diagnostic regimen, we shall furnish an in-depth health synopsis, replete with prescriptive counsel for adjunctive therapies and modifications to your daily regimen.

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