Dr. med. Thilo Beck

MD, Head Psychiatrist, Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Dr. Beck serves as the chief consultant psychiatrist at Paracelsus Recovery. He initially studied law before he decided to switch to medicine. Since graduating in 1992, he has worked in different academic psychiatric clinics in Switzerland in both in- and outpatient settings. Besides ongoing continuing education in systemic Psychotherapy, he also specialised in addiction medicine. He is a Swiss licensed Psychiatrist, a member of the board of SSAM (Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine) and a member of the Swiss Association for ADHD. Dr. Beck has been the investigator in a wide range of studies, and he is the author or co-author of numerous publications.

One Paracelsus Recovery's Interview Sessions

Thilo beck tells us what he appreciates about being a part of Paracelsus Recovery

He talks about how the possibility to work together and share knowledge with people in different fields of medicine, develop treatment according to the needs of our clients, and creating the right environment of healing for every client are what he appreciates about being at Paracelsus Recovery