Dr. Dr. med. Anna Erat

Medical Doctor

Dr. Anna Erat MD/PhD studied and conducted research at Harvard Medical School for many years before taking up her role as a medical director in the Hirslanden Klinik and as a consultant in Paracelsus Recovery. She is specialized in internal medicine, sports medicine, longevity and prevention. Apart from taking care of top athletes ranging from formula 1 to polo and world class ice hockey players as a sports physician, she teaches medical and executive MBA students in Europe following her PhD in health systems management, training at Harvard Business School, and International Director’s Programme at INSEAD.

One of Paracelsus Recovery's Interview Sessions

Anna Erat tells us about her role at Paracelsus Recovery

She takes care of the clients from a wholistic point of view and offers personalised and precision medicine. Paracelsus Recovery takes every client individually and caters for their individual needs.